Metal Guide

I get a lot of questions about the specific metals I use in my pieces. Here's a handy metal guide to keep in mind as you peruse the shop. I use three types of metals for all of the earrings and necklaces you see on the site: 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill, and sterling silver.

So what is 14k gold filled and 14k rose gold filled?

Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plated. In short, there are three options you usually have when shopping for gold jewelry:

- Solid gold (24 karat)
- Gold filled (14 karat)
- Gold plated

The 14k gold filled Ivy Earrings

In my experience, the majority of the jewelry you see online and in stores is gold plated. Here's the problem with that - gold plating tarnishes easily, and can turn your skin weird colors (anyone else seen those photos floating around the internet?)

Now for some good news. 14 gold filled jewelry - AKA the pieces you see on my site - contains 100% more gold than gold plated jewelry. So not only will your investment last MUCH longer (and be worth more to begin with), the material won't tarnish, fade, or mess with your skin. Gold filled jewelry is alloyed with other metals (like brass) to make it a stylish, durable option.

Even better news? So far, every single one of my customers who has told me they are allergic to some form of gold jewelry have been able to wear my pieces without any issue. If you have further questions, please write me. You are also welcome to purchase now and take advantage of the 14 day return policy if need be.

Now you know!